You’re Invited to Join the Town Hall Team!

In Town Hall Team by OLCVstaff

Now that the election is over, Oregon’s state senators and representatives are getting ready for the 2021 Legislative Sessionーand so are we. We’ll stop at nothing to make sure that the next generation inherits clean air, clean water, healthy forests, and, above all, a liveable planet, and we know that you feel the same way. But do your lawmakers? We need to make sure they know that Oregon’s future is at stake, and that the time for climate action is now. And one of the best ways to do that? Making our voices heard at town halls.

That’s why we’re introducing OLCV’s brand-new Town Hall Team! This group of OLCV activists will stand up for the environment at town halls across the state, and we’re inviting you to join. If you sign up, you’ll receive free access to our Town Hall Toolkit, and our organizers will reach out with more info about upcoming town halls and how to prepare for them. Here’s a sneak peak:

Step One
Step one in preparing for a town hall is simply getting to know who your lawmakers are, especially since they might have changed after the election. You can find your state representative and state senator online here! To be honest, when I was growing up here in the Portland area, I never knew who my lawmakers were. It was only once I started working at OLCV that I realized just how important it is to know your lawmakers, so we can hold them accountable for environmental action. Our voices make a big difference!

Step Two
Once you know who your lawmakers are, step two is to check out their websites, sign up for their email newsletters, and follow them on social media. Not only does this help you find out about upcoming town halls, it also helps you get to know your lawmakers a little more, and find out their views on the issues you care about.

Step Three
Step three is to plan on attending a town hall! Mostーif not allーtown halls are virtual these days, making it easier than ever to attend. Our Town Hall Toolkit has lots of helpful tips, including how to prepare talking points, and what to expect from a town hall. And you don’t even have to talk at a town hall if you don’t want toーyou can just learn, listen, and show your support by submitting a written comment or holding up a sign supporting the environmental issue at hand.

It makes a big difference for lawmakers to hear from the people they represent, whether the issue is climate change, clean air and water, or any other environmental issue you care about. We hope you’ll join the Town Hall Team to learn more! Our organizers will give you a call and can answer any questions you have about participating in town halls, and our Town Hall Toolkit is full of helpful information about how to prepare and what to expect. Together, we can make a big difference going into to 2021, and beyond!