Wildfire resources and how you can help

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

As a supporter of OLCV, we count on you to help when we need you—emailing your legislators, helping elect climate champions, donating to support our work, and more. This email is different. Today, we’re turning our attention to an issue weighing heavily on all of us—the wildfires burning across our state.

Like almost all of Oregon, we’ve been forced to breathe smokey air that has consistently measured at hazardous levels for the last several days, leading to headaches and sore throats among staff members. And yet we’re lucky compared to the many people who have lost their homes, their communities, and even their loved ones.

Oregon has never seen anything like this—our air pollution ranks as the most dangerous in the world; entire towns have disappeared off the map; over half a million Oregonians have been prepped for evacuation; at least eight people have died and more are still missing. This is the climate crisis at its most visible, and its most devastating.

We want to wholeheartedly thank Oregon’s amazing firefighters and first responders who have made great progress in helping contain the fires and put their lives on the line to do so. And we want to thank everyone who has lent a helping hand. If there’s one bright light in all of this, it’s that we’re there for each other in the most difficult times. Together, we can get through anything.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by the wildfires, this list of resources from the State of Oregon could offer a place to start, including what to pack for an evacuation, where to find emergency lodging and food pantries, mental health resources, and more.

And, if you’re looking for a way to help, you might consider donating to the Oregon Food Bank’s Wildfire ResponseRespirators for Oregon, or the Rogue Valley Relief Fund. We hope you’ll help out if you can, and pass these resources on to friends and family.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by the fires. We’ll get through this the Oregon way: by helping one another; by looking out for our neighbors. And, as we move forward, we’ll continue to fight for the climate action Oregon needs to protect our communities, and elect candidates who will fight alongside us for a healthier and safer future.

Please take care, and stay safe.