Which Environmental Issue Do You Care About Most?

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Team OLCV isn’t just made up of the staff and board–it’s also made up of members like you: the action-takers, donors, voters, and volunteers who make up our amazing community. One of our goals for this summer is to get to know all of you better!

That’s why we’re sending you four quick survey questions over the next few weeks. If you have a minute, could you answer this first question online here?

Which Environmental Issue Do You Care Most About?

  • Acting on climate change
    Example: passing a bill to hold big corporations accountable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions; investing in a clean energy economy
  • Environmental Justice
    Example: making sure communities of color and other historically marginalized communities are centered in environmental policy decision-making, and have equal access to clean air and water
  • Protecting Oregon’s wildlife & wildlands
    Example: passing protections for wolves, martens, murrelets, and other wildlife; protecting old-growth forests, like the Elliott State Forest, from development
  • Transportation & land-use
    Example: building walkable cities and investing in better public transit; protecting our precious forest and farmlands from urban sprawl
  • Protecting Oregon’s waterways
    Example: cleaning up pollution in our rivers; protecting salmon and other aquatic wildlife
  • Building healthy communities
    Example: reducing air pollution in cities, and protecting agricultural workers from dangerous pesticides

Select your answer online here! We know you care about most (if not all!) of these issues. But, for the sake of this survey, we ask that you only pick your top issue. This year, although we’re not able to come together in Salem for Lobby Day, and we can’t have an in-person conversation at our Annual Celebration for the Environment, or at Pints & Politics in Bend, we can still learn more about all of you and what matters most to our environmental community!

Thank you so much for joining in our survey, and being part of Team OLCV! Keep an eye out for the other three survey questions in future emails.