We’re one step away from banning offshore drilling!

In Offshore Drilling by OLCVstaff

We’re one step away from banning offshore drilling along the Oregon Coast! Last month, you helped SB 256 pass the State Senate, and, tomorrow, it’s the House’s turn to vote. Will you write your Representative and ask them to vote yes on SB 256?

Oregon’s coastal waters are rich with life. Harbor seals, orca whales, sea stars, sharks, and porpoises all make their home in our edge of the Pacific, along with a wide diversity of marine life. Offshore drilling would put these fragile coastal ecosystems in danger.

A single oil spill could devastate our rock-reefs, kelp forests, and tidepools, and place a heavy burden on coastal communities. And, with climate change growing ever more urgent, we can’t allow new fossil fuel infrastructure to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Your voice helped urge the State Senate to vote yes on SB 256. Now you can help this bill cross the finish line. Will you email your Representative and ask them to ban offshore drilling in Oregon? 

If SB 256 passes, Oregon’s territorial waters would be safe, not just from oil spills, but also from increased heavy metal pollution. Elevated levels of lead, chromium, zinc, and cadmium in ocean sediment have been associated with offshore drilling sites. Oregon doesn’t need to take that risk. A ban on offshore drilling would ensure that our oceans are protected for future generations, and that our beaches are safe to play on.

We’re so close! The last step is to make sure that the House passes this bill. Please, can you take a moment to email your Representative, and ask them to votes yes on SB 256? The House will be voting tomorrow, so please take action today, and help protect our beautiful corner of the Pacific Ocean.