WATCH: Oregon Organizations Call Out Republican Knute Buehler’s Empty Campaign Promises

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In a new television ad, three of Oregon’s leading organizations representing educators, environmental protections, and reproductive rights called out Republican Knute Buehler for misleading voters on each of these key issues.

You can watch the ad here:

“We see it over and over, Republican Knute Buehler says one thing but does the opposite,” the ad states. “The real Knute Buehler voted against investing in schools and wants to cut teacher pay.”

In fact, Buehler has earned just a 30% rating on the Oregon Education Association’s 2015 and 2017 legislative report cards. He has voted against increased school funding and against efforts to reduce class sizes, and now he’s proposing to cut teacher pay and benefits by up to 40%.

“Knute Buehler’s record on education is clear,” says John Larson, high school English teacher from Hermiston and President of the Oregon Education Association, “He is no ally to our students or our public schools.”

The ad goes on to state that Buehler has “a lifetime F rating from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters for voting against our environment.”

Buehler voted against protecting our public lands, against reducing carbon emissions from vehicles, and for allowing fracking in Oregon.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Doug Moore made the stakes clear by saying, “If you care about Oregon’s great outdoors and our clean air and water, then Knute Buehler’s record combined with $1 million in campaign contributions from corporate polluters add up to one thing – Buehler is unacceptable for Oregon.”

The ad continues: “Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon says Buehler has ‘promised to restrict access to abortion.’ Instead of listening to Knute talk, look at how he votes.”

Buehler voted against the Reproductive Health Equity Act, and the Register-Guard reported that he wants to restrict access to safe, legal abortion. The editorial read, “He describes himself as pro-choice on abortion, though he favors marginal restrictions that pro-lifers would never get from [Governor] Brown.”

Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon Executive Director Emily McLain says: “Knute Buehler is flagrantly misleading voters when he claims to be ‘100% pro-choice’ while promising to restrict access to abortion and after voting against Governor Brown’s landmark protections for Roe vs. Wade in Oregon. With the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, there is no room for uncertainty. Knute Buehler is a risk we can’t take. Oregon women deserve the truth about his anti-abortion voting record, not empty campaign promises.”