WATCH: OLCV First Digital Ad on Republican Knute Buehler’s Threat to Our Environment

In Election by OLCVstaff

Today, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) launched a new digital ad on Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler’s threat to our environment. OLCV’s ad begins with The Oregonian’s reporting that Buehler has falsely claimed that he is not taking anti-environment money when he has actually taken more than $850,000.

You can watch the ad here:

The ad continues with two anti-environment votes by Rep. Buehler – his vote against Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, which has already cut over 1 million tons of carbon pollution; and voting against a fracking moratorium. Candidate Buehler has claimed he will protect our environment, but as the ad states he has a failing “F” lifetime rating from OLCV. He continues to take big campaign checks from big polluters and opposes plans to shift away from dirty fossil fuels. He would even cut Oregon’s successful Clean Fuels Program entirely, reversing the gains we have made in reducing pollution.

In the race for Oregon’s governor, there are no bigger differences than on environmental protections and action on climate change. Governor Kate Brown is OLCV’s reigning Environmental Champion of the Year because of her leadership to protect our air, water, climate, and land. She not only believes in climate change, but has stepped up to lead with the Clean Energy Jobs bill to transition Oregon to a cleaner energy future. And she has stood up for Oregonians in the face of threats from the Trump Administration by proposing Oregon’s Environmental Protection Act to keep our state’s clean air and water protections strong even when the Trump Administration weakens federal standards.

“The election for governor will have enormous consequences for our environment, and on what we too often take for granted – clean air and water,” said Doug Moore, OLCV’s executive director. Moore continued, “voters expect Oregon to do far better than an “F” on the environment, and voters deserve to know about Republican Knute Buehler’s disastrous record and cozy relationship with big polluters.”

With the Trump Administration rolling back environmental protections and gutting plans to address climate change, Oregon needs environmental and climate leadership now more than ever. As the political voice for the environment, OLCV is investing more than ever before in a gubernatorial race so every Oregon voter knows what’s at stake this November. Over the remaining weeks until Election Day, OLCV will run digital ads across social media, including Facebook, and on streaming sites such as YouTube to reach Oregon voters who care about what happens to Oregon’s environment.