Update: Senate Republicans May Have Left the State

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Senate Republicans have run away, again. This time to prevent a vote on the Clean Energy Jobs bill. Help us get them back!

Today was supposed to be an exciting day—the Senate vote for HB 2020 and passage of Clean Energy Jobs. My son and I were in the Senate Gallery to watch this important, historic moment. Instead, the Senate Republicans didn’t show up for the vote. In an effort to keep the State Senate from making quorum (the minimum number of legislators present to hold a vote), the Senate Republicans have not only left the building, again—rumor has it they’ve left the state this time.

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We’ve heard that Senate Republicans flew over to Montana so they couldn’t be called in for the vote on HB 2020 (obviously they don’t think they have the votes to kill the bill so they ran away). This is not okay. Senate Republicans should be doing their jobs, not fleeing the state because they don’t agree with a bill. Their job is to vote, not run and hide.

We need to hold the Senate Republicans accountable! Can you retweet us here? And, if you know anyone in Montana, ask them to help us find them! We’re so close to passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill, and we can’t let Senate Republicans get away with stalling the vote.

Meanwhile, all 18 Senate Democrats have stayed on the Senate floor all day, patiently waiting for their Republican counterparts to return, and Clean Energy Jobs advocates—including 50 young students—have been sitting in solidarity with them. Can you send a message to Senate Democrats, thanking them for standing strong? 

The Clean Energy Jobs bill is Oregon’s best pathway forward when it comes to acting on climate—and we are so incredibly close to it becoming law. We are so close to being able to look at our kids and tell them we did something; that we took action to ensure a livable future for them. Please, take a minute to thank the Senate Democrats for showing up, for doing what’s right, and for remaining dedicated to climate action in Oregon. 

While state troopers try to bring in Senate Republicans, we’ll be holding down the fort here. We’ll be in Salem every day, supporting the Senators who are here and calling on those who aren’t to do their duty, return to the Capitol, and vote on the Clean Energy Jobs bill.