TONIGHT – Meet the Climate Candidates (Zoom Link here)

In Event by OLCVstaff

The Meet the Climate Candidates event starts at 6pm tonight! Zoom doors open at 5:45pm. I can’t wait to hear from Tina Kotek for Oregon governor and Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County Chair, as well as legislative candidates Wlnsvey Campos, Jackie Leung, RJ Navarro, Farrah Chaichi, and Mark Gamba.

Here’s all the info you’ll need about the event:

Meet the Climate Candidates
TONIGHT! Monday, April 11th
6pm to 7pm (Zoom doors open at 5:45 pm)
Register for the Zoom link here!

We’ve had so much interest in this event that we’ve had to up our Zoom capacity! It’s fantastic to see so many people wanting to see more climate champions elected this year.

This will be a fun night to get to know some of Oregon’s climate champions, and to learn how you can help get them elected in the May primary. I’m excited to have you join us!

Doug Moore
Executive Director, OLCV