There’s still time to stand up for clean energy!

In Oregon Climate Action Plan by OLCVstaff

I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who attended the DEQ’s Climate Action Town Halls! We stood strong and made our voices heard over the last few weeks, and I really appreciate everyone who showed up, told their climate stories, and shared their support for climate action.

I also wanted to let you know that, whether or not you made it to the town halls, there’s still time to take action! The DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) is currently accepting written comments on the Oregon Climate Action Plan: submit a comment in support of clean energy using our online form, here!

It’s so important to keep showing the DEQ that Oregonians want a more equitable future built on clean energy: one that’s grounded in environmental justice, and prioritizes the communities most impacted by the climate crisis. Especially since fossil fuel interests like BP, Shell, Phillips 66, and NW Natural showed up at the town halls, too. They’ll do whatever it takes to weaken the Oregon Climate Action Plan, just so they can carry on with business-as-usual and continue polluting—and endangering the health of Oregonians—without consequences. We can’t let that happen!

We need to make sure that the DEQ gets a clear message: that Oregonians overwhelmingly support a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a just and equitable clean energy future. Please submit a comment today in support of a strong Oregon Climate Action Plan!