The Environmental Scorecard is here! With a twist…

In Legislative Session, Scorecard by OLCVstaff

OLCV’s Environmental Scorecard is a much-anticipated tradition in Oregon’s environmental community. When session ends, Oregonians turn to our scorecard for an inside look at how their legislators voted on environmental bills.

But, this year, something’s different. For the first time in over 40 years, 17 state senators have earned an ‘Incomplete’ score for the 2019 legislative session. Why? Because they left the Clean Energy Jobs bill as unfinished business.

>We all know the story by now: Senate Republicans fled the state to prevent a vote on the Clean Energy Jobs bill (Oregon’s groundbreaking cap-and-invest climate legislation), and Senate Democrats gave in to their demands—and the demands of corporate polluters. Climate activists—particularly young people whose futures are at stake—filled the Capitol to protest this decision. But Oregon’s leaders let us down.

Did your legislators stand up for Oregon’s people and places in 2019? Read the online scorecard to find out!

In the scorecard, you’ll see 17 senators who voted to remove Clean Energy Jobs from consideration receive incompletes since their work is not done. After the 2020 Legislative Session, senators with incompletes will get the score they deserve—that they have earned—based on what happens with Clean Energy Jobs. They have the opportunity to be climate heroes for voting yes, or earn climate zeroes for opposition or inaction.

OLCV won’t ever give up on passing meaningful climate legislation. Our work—and the Legislature’s work—is not done. Clean Energy Jobs will be back in 2020. To succeed, we will need bold leadership and not more of the same. And we need you!

Want to help make sure that Oregon acts on climate in 2020? Take the climate pledge and sign up to show up! 

We’re going to continue making our voices heard in 2020. Join climate activists as we pledge to show up for climate action in the next legislative session. Let your legislators know that you’re committed to taking action, and that you hope they are too. 

Passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill would help Oregon transition to a clean energy economy, creating thousands of jobs in the process. We can’t keep falling behind other states on climate action. Clean Energy Jobs will help us catch up. Join us in making 2020 Oregon’s year of climate action.

Please share the 2019 Environmental Scorecard so Oregonians from across our great state can hold their legislators accountable. We hope to see you and hear from you a lot in 2020, showing up for our clean energy future!