What An Endorsement Means

Every election, OLCV endorses pro-conservation candidates running for public office. Once a candidate is endorsed by OLCV, OLCV’s Political Action Committee (OLCV PAC) may decide to support the campaign with staff time, volunteer activity, and other resources.

The OLCV Seal of Approval is sought by candidates at all levels of government in Oregon. That’s because OLCV is seen as a highly credible source of information on candidates’ environmental records. When we communicate with voters, they listen.

How the Endorsement Process Works

Any candidate seeking an OLCV endorsement—from someone running for a local water district board to someone running for State Senate—must first fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. The questions cover a variety of relevant environmental issues and are also geared to help us assess what kind of environmental leader they intend to be if elected.

Following review of the questionnaire, OLCV conducts face-to-face interviews with each candidate. We consider each candidate’s environmental record (if they have one) and their level of commitment to protecting Oregon’s environmental legacy. We also endeavour to determine if they are a serious contender for the office they are seeking.

Questionnaire responses and endorsement interviews are kept confidential to ensure that candidates can speak freely. All endorsement recommendations are reviewed and finalized by the OLCV PAC Board of Directors.

Why the OLCV Endorsement Matters

OLCV’s endorsement is critical information voters can use to decide which candidates to trust. The vast majority of voters simply don’t have time do in-depth research on the candidates — OLCV does that important work for you.  

OLCV has a solid track record of winning close races, whether we’re working to elect candidates to vacant seats or to replace an anti-environment incumbent with pro-environment candidates.

Among the most significant statewide and state legislative victories OLCV has achieved over the years:

  • 2018: Helped re-elect Governor Kate Brown using an unprecedented campaign contribution of over $750,000.
  • 2018: Helped elect Anna Williams as Representative in a Hood River area House District with a strong incumbent.
  • 2018: Helped Rachel Prusak defeat Rep. Julie Parrish in a Clackamas County House District.
  • 2012: Helped Jeff Reardon defeat Rep Mike Schaufler in the May primary.
  • 2010: Helped elect Governor John Kitzhaber in a close race.
  • 2008: Helped Brent Barton unseat Linda Flores in a Clackamas County House District.
  • 2008: Helped Judy Stiegler unseat Chuck Burley in a Bend House District.
  • 2006: Helped Brian Clem unseat Rep. Billy Dalto in a Salem House District.
  • 2006: Helped Chris Edwards defeat Rep. Debi Farr in a North Eugene House District.
  • 2006: Helped David Edwards win a heavily contested Hillsboro House District.
  • 2006: Helped Senator Vicki Walker win reelection despite being outspent by former Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey.
  • 2004: Helped elect Larry Galizio in a Tigard House District.
  • 2004: Helped Rep. Laurie Monnes Anderson defeat former Rep. Ron Sunseri in a hotly contested Senate race in eastern Multnomah County.
  • 2002: Helped Jeff Barker prevail by 40 votes in a heavily contested Beaverton House District race.
  • 2002: Helped former Oregon Chapter Sierra Club Chair Charlie Ringo win a Washington County seat in what was the most expensive State Senate contest (up to that point) in Oregon history.
  • 2000: Helped Rep. Ryan Deckert unseat incumbent State Senator Eileen Qutub in a Washington county legislative seat.

Among our major local government victories:

  • 2018: Helped elect environmental superstar Gena Goodman-Campbell to the Bend City Council.
  • 2010: Helped elect Mark McConnell as Mayor of Newport.
  • 2008: Helped Rob Handy unseat 16-year incumbent Lane County Commissioner Bobby Green.
  • 2008: Helped sweep in a pro-environment environment majority to the Newport City Council with the elections of Lon Brusselback, Jeff Bertuleit and Mark McConnell. 
  • 2006: Helped Bill Fleenor unseat 8-year incumbent Lane County Commissioner Anna Morrison.
  • 2002: Helped Dave Gilmour unseat Rick Holt to win a seat on the Jackson County Commission.
  • 2006: Helped Lynn Peterson defeat long-term incumbent Larry Sowa for a set on the Clackamas County Commission.
  • 2006: Helped Laura Tesler defeat incumbent Salem City Council President Jim Randall to win a seat on the city council.
  • 2004: Helped Kitty Piercy win a heavily contested Mayoral race in Eugene, while electing two new pro-environment city councilors, helping a new pro-conservation majority take leadership of the council.
  • 2004: Helped Dick Schouten win a tough reelection to the Washington county Commission, fighting off a challenge by former State Senator Eileen Qutub.