Thank Governor Brown for Saving Oregon’s Forests!

In Wildlife & Wildlands by OLCVstaff

Anyone who has set foot outside the Northwest knows there’s nothing else quite like our forests. From the cedars and spruces of the coast range to the firs and hemlocks of the Cascades, Oregon is a forest wonderland. Nothing in the world can quite compare to the sound of wind through ferns, or the smell of moss and fallen leaves just after it rains. Nothing can compare to golden spring sunlight, filtered through the branches of a 500 year-old tree.

But the truth is that we’ve lost many of those 500 year-old trees. Too many. In the past, Oregon’s forests haven’t always been managed well. The timber industry has often put profit above the health and longevity of our forests, valuing short-term gain over long-term planning. Luckily, things are starting to change.

Last week, Governor Kate Brown appointed three new members to the Board of Forestry, and she made sure that they share our values. This is a big turning point for Oregon’s forests!

Historically, the Board of Forestry has been dominated by timber interests. But now, thanks to Governor Brown, most of the Board is now unbiased and ready to support healthy forest policies. Can you take a minute to thank Governor Brown for protecting Oregon’s forests?

Governor Brown has shown that she’s dedicated to a balanced and sustainability-focused approach to forest management. Timber lobbyists and several Republican Senators objected to the new members of the Board, because they thought it would make the Board of Forestry “unbalanced,” but Governor Brown fought back and stood up for Oregon’s forests. Let Governor Brown know that you appreciate her taking a stand. 

The new Board of Forestry has the opportunity to help heal our mismanaged forests, to protect our old-growth, and to keep Oregon’s forests green, mossy, and beautiful. If you have a chance today, write Governor Brown a quick note saying thanks for her dedication to our forests.