Tell Your Senator: Vote NO on SB 16

In Legislative Session, Major Threat by OLCVstaff

Oregon’s land use system is under threat. We need your help today to stop Senate Bill 16 which would waive Oregon’s land use laws by allowing up to 100 new high-end houses to be built on lands in Eastern Oregon designated for farm use only.

Will you urge your State Senator to vote NO on SB 16? 

Allowing some of our state’s most valuable and productive agricultural land to be used for high-end housing sets a dangerous precedent, could potentially drive up the cost of housing during a statewide housing crisis, and would stress already scarce water resources in the border region.

While it is true that Oregonians do need more diverse and affordable housing types, they need homes near where they live, work, and play—inside our towns and cities. Oregonians also need food and fiber, and Oregon has some of the best land in the world for growing crops and trees, and raising cattle.

We should not, and need not, pit housing and food production against one another by treating working lands as vacant lands––which is why we need to tell Oregon state senators to vote no on SB 16.

Help us stop this major threat to a healthy Oregon from passing by taking action today.