Tell Your Legislators to Read the Oregon Climate Agenda

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Last week, our newly re-elected governor, Kate Brown, announced her proposed budget for the next two years, and it’s full of steps in the right direction. One of the Governor’s top priorities? Acting on climate.

Governor Brown is demonstrating what real climate leadership looks like at a time when the Trump administration is trying to hide the reality of climate change from us. After last week — when the Trump administration chose to stealthily release a report on climate change while citizens were distracted by Black Friday — it’s obvious that we can’t expect climate action at the national level. It’s up to us, here on the state level, to stand up to Trump’s destructive impulses. Tell your legislators to read the Governor’s Oregon Climate Agenda and support the Clean Energy Jobs bill in 2019!

In addition to a dedicated climate section in her recommended budget, Governor Brown released the Oregon Climate Agenda to help outline goals and strategies for transitioning to a clean energy future. Most of these goals could be achieved by passing the proposed Clean Energy Jobs bill, which will cap and price carbon pollution from the biggest polluters and put that money toward renewable energy initiatives, green jobs creation, and adaptation to climate change.

The agenda also highlights the effects of climate change on Oregon’s ecosystems and economy, and what will happen if we don’t act in time. It’s important that all decision-makers understand the science behind climate change, and the consequences if we fail to act. Will you ask your legislators to read the Oregon Climate Agenda so they know you want Oregon to pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill in 2019 and continue leading on climate change?

In the Agenda, Governor Brown also proposes the creation of a new department focused on climate change, the Oregon Climate Authority, which would replace the Oregon Department of Energy. This will be the first agency of its kind in the country.

Governor Brown is more than ready to stand up for Oregon values — she’s even dedicated a portion of the state’s budget to an “Oregon Defense Fund” that will fight the Trump administration in court. And, when it comes to climate change, Governor Brown knows that there’s no time to waste.

Urge your legislators to read the Oregon Climate Agenda, and to help Oregon achieve its climate goals by passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill in 2019.