Tell lawmakers: burning trash is not clean energy

In Major Threat by OLCVstaff

We need your help! Covanta is back at it once again, trying to pass a bill that would give them renewable energy credits for burning garbage. Help stop their waste incineration plant from receiving subsidies! Act now and urge your State Representative to vote no on Covanta’s bill.

Known as HB 4049, Covanta’s bill would allow the corporation to receive renewable energy credits that would otherwise go to sources of clean energy like solar, wind, and small hydropower. Oregon’s renewable energy standard is meant to promote new projects—Covanta’s Marion County plant opened in 1987.

In 2019, Covanta attempted to pass a very similar bill called SB 451, but, thanks to the activism of people like you, it died in the House. Now we need to make our voices heard once again. Help stop Covanta from receiving renewable energy credits for old, dirty power!

Renewable energy credits should be reserved for energy sources that help us transition to a low-carbon future. Covanta is already the top source of air pollution in Marion County, and in the top 10% of polluters statewide. HB 4049 would essentially reward them for their emissions. Can you take a minute to ask your State Representative to vote no on HB4 4049?

Covanta just won’t quit, so neither can we. Stand up to Covanta and help make sure that Oregon’s renewable energy credits are reserved for energy that is really, truly clean.