Tell Governor Brown: No Exemptions for Natural Gas Power Plants

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Natural gas power plants are some of the biggest climate polluters in Oregon. And yet, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) wants to give them a free pass by exempting them from the Climate Protection Program. Tell Governor Brown: natural gas power plants must be held accountable for their contributions to climate change!

The Climate Protection Program (formerly known as Cap & Reduce) is part of Governor Brown’s executive order for climate action, and would require the state’s largest polluters to reduce their emissions and transition to clean energy. So why exclude Oregon’s largest stationary source of pollution? It just doesn’t make sense. If we’re serious about reducing Oregon’s emissions, we need to get off all fossil fuels—including fracked natural gas—and focus on clean energy.

Please send an email to Governor Brown today. The largest polluters in Oregon need to be held accountable for their impact on our future. With one out of every 10 tons of climate pollution coming from gas-burning power plants, we simply can’t afford to let them continue on with business-as-usual.

If we act now, there’s still time for Governor Brown to make the Climate Protection Program as strong as it needs to be, without exemptions for Oregon’s biggest polluters. Tell Governor Brown: we should be investing in a cleaner future, not clinging to a fossil fuel past.