Take Action: Say YES to Portland’s Clean Air Protection Program

In Pollution by OLCVstaff

As residents of Portland, we breathe in some of the dirtiest air in the state. This is particularly true for Portland’s low-income communities and communities of color, who are even more impacted by air pollution, leading to a heightened risk for health issues like cancer, heart disease, and early death.

That’s why Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is taking action and proposing a new Clean Air Protection Program. This program would use funds from the city’s largest stationary sources of air pollution (including Zenith’s oil-by-rail facility) to invest nearly $2 million a year in community-based pollution reduction programs. They’re looking for public comments on their draft proposal by Friday, November 19th. Submit your comment in favor of the Clean Air Protection Program here!

The Clean Air Protection Program would help fund public education on pollution, invest in community solutions, and improve public health. Let BPS know you support their much-needed proposal: submit a comment online here!

Thank you,

Julia DeGraw
Coalition Director, OLCV