Take Action: Make Bend More Walkable and Bikeable

In Transportation by OLCVstaff

Here in Bend, it’s not always easy to get around without a car. I’d like to get to work without a car more often–whether by enjoying the outdoors on my bike, or taking a ride on public transit–but it can be a hassle to bike on streets made for cars, or walk to the nearest bus stop several blocks away. I think we can all agree that Bend needs safer biking and walking routes, and more accessible public transit for everyone.

That’s why, in 2019, Bend voters approved a $190 million bond to fund key transportation projects around the city over the next ten years. The Transportation Bond Oversight Committee (TBOC) is currently putting together a recommendation to Bend City Council on which projects should be funded and built over the next five years. Using our easy online tool, send a comment to TBOC and ask them to prioritize projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making Bend more walkable and bikeable, and improving public transit! 

This is an important opportunity to make our city less dependent on cars, and more inclusive of greener modes of transportation. Submit your comment to TBOC before their next meeting on November 9th! Together we can make sure that Bend is a much easier place to bike, walk, and ride, so we can all choose to enjoy the outdoors even more, and use our cars a little less.

Thank you,
Tia Hatton
OLCV Central Oregon Engagement Organizer