Take Action: Climate Action Week Starts TODAY!

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Today marks the first day of Climate Action Week! Here’s how it works: between today and Sunday (October 5th through October 11th), there will be fun phone banking opportunities and online actions you can participate in each day. You can sign up for one, two, three, or maybe even more events—whatever works best for you! To sign up, click here and our organizers will follow up with all the details.

Today, to get things started, we’re kicking things off with a social media day of action! As OLCV’s Communications Coordinator, I want to ask for your help spreading the word about how important this election is for the climate. Will you help by sharing or retweeting one (or more!) of our Climate Action Week posts on Facebook or Twitter?

Share on Facebook or Twitter!

Share on Facebook or Twitter!

Share on Facebook or Twitter!

When you share, make sure to add a line about why climate action is important to you and why you’re voting for the climate this year. If you use the hashtag #OLCVClimateActionWeek, I can share your posts on OLCV’s pages in celebration of Climate Action Week!

I made sure to post on my personal account, too:

This is an easy way to help reach more voters and let people in our networks know that we’re voting for climate champions. I hope you’ll take part in today’s action! And don’t forget to sign up for events throughout the week, and to invite your friends, too. We need as many people as we can helping get climate deniers—like the fossil-fuel-funded Republican lawmakers who walked out on climate legislation—out of office, and get climate champions elected.

Oregon deserves so much more than lawmakers who shut down our democracy and refuse to show up for work. This election is our opportunity to elect candidates who will pass climate legislation and stand up for Oregon’s future!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Let the Climate Action Week festivities begin!