Stop Lost Valley Farm Mega-Dairy

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As responsible citizens, each of us has a duty to speak up against actions or practices that harm us. When it comes to the mega-dairy known as Lost Valley Farm, our responsibility is serious because this mega-dairy’s disastrous operation is harming all of the environment – including the animals and people we strive to protect.

Tell Governor Brown it’s time to shut down Lost Valley Farm for good >>

The mega-dairy has utterly failed to comply with permits regarding animal welfare and environmental safety. Cows are standing ankle-deep in manure. The mega-dairy doesn’t have enough water to provide operational restrooms for its employees. “Mortality” boxes have overflowed with dead cows. Perhaps most concerning of all, lagoons have overflowed with manure and untreated wastewater, threatening the nearby Columbia and local drinking water sources.

The mega-dairy has shown it is not capable of operating a safe facility. It recently filed for bankruptcy, and discussions now revolve around transferring the permits to another operator. But this is a false solution.

Oregon’s mega-dairies have demonstrated time and time again that they are polluting our air and water, and the state of Oregon has failed to prevent this pollution. These problems occuring at Lost Valley are not unique, and it would be a huge mistake for Oregon to write off the owner of Lost Valley as a bad actor and then allow another company to take over this poorly planned and massive confined animal feeding operation (CAFO).

The solution to the current problem is not to allow another factory farm operator to buy out Lost Valley and continue to operate it as a mega-dairy. This operation was a terrible idea from the start and never should have received a permit to operate. Send a message to Governor Brown demanding that her Department of Agriculture reject any proposals that fall short of shutting this facility down for good.

We depend on a healthy environment. We can’t allow irresponsible mega-dairies to threaten Oregon. Overflowing manure is a huge threat to our health. Every day, we choose to be responsible stewards. This is a situation we cannot ignore.

Tell Governor Brown the time to act is now.