Statement on Mark Shull

In News by OLCVstaff

It has recently come to light that Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull has made hateful, violent, and bigoted statements on his social media platform. Shull’s anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, racist, transphobic, and xenophobic comments are disturbing and dangerous, and warrant his immediate removal from office. The people of Clackamas County deserve better than someone who spreads hate and misinformation.

In response, the Clackamas County Commission has voted unanimously on a resolution calling for Shull’s censure and resignation, and a growing list of public officials are calling upon Shull to resign, including the Clackamas County Chair, the Clackamas District Attorney, and lawmakers from across the state. OLCV stands with them in condemning Shull’s actions and demanding that he resign from office immediately. If he refuses to do so, we’re prepared to join others in holding Shull accountable by any legal means available, including a possible future recall election.