Stand Up to Trump with Strong Environmental Protection Laws

In Pollution by OLCVstaff

Growing up in Oregon, I spent a lot of time in the water, whether it was the creek behind my house, the sandy shores of Cannon Beach, or the smooth rapids of the Clackamas River. I was lucky to have access to these clean, safe waterways, thanks in large part to the Clean Water Act.

Help keep Oregon’s rivers clean—ask your State Senator to pass the Oregon Environmental Protection Act.

Clean water laws keep our rivers healthy, and clean up polluted waterways. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen historically polluted rivers like the Columbia, Willamette, and Tualatin become much cleaner, healthier, and safer to swim in. Today, they’re gathering places for the community, enjoyed by kayakers, stand-up-paddle-boarders, swimmers, boaters, fishermen, and more.

But the Trump Administration has already begun to weaken environmental protections, not only for clean water, but also for clean air. At this very moment, he’s in the process of rolling back over 60 environmental regulations. Why? Because weaker environmental laws mean fewer roadblocks for the polluting industries that Trump so often caters to.

Here in Oregon, things don’t work that way. We value the health of our people and planet over the profit of a select few. That’s why Governor Brown introduced the Oregon Environmental Protection Act (House Bill 2250). This bill will uphold strong environmental protection laws in Oregon, even if Trump rolls them back at the national level.

HB 2250 has already passed the Oregon House of Representatives, and now it’s on to its final vote by the State Senate. Thanks in large part to more than 1,000 emails from OLCV members alone, Republican Senators are back in the Capitol. Now, we need your voices again to pass HB 2250. Will you ask your Senator to vote yes on this bill? Clean water and clean air should be a human right, not something to be sacrificed in the name of industry.

The State Senate will be voting on this bill in the next few days. Now’s the time to voice your support for strong environmental protection laws in Oregon. Please, can you write a quick email to your Senator? Together, we can help keep Oregon’s rivers, creeks, lakes, and coastline healthy, vibrant, and beautiful.