Where Are Senate Republicans?

In Legislative Session by OLCVstaff

For three days in a row, Oregon’s Republican Senators haven’t shown up for work at the Capitol. They couldn’t be found anywhere in the building. Why have they run away to hide? To prevent Democrats from making quorum—the minimum number of legislators needed to conduct business. Specifically, to prevent Democrats from conducting the business of passing game-changing, badly needed education funding.

Now, the Senate Republicans want a ransom in exchange for them to come out of hiding and return to the Capitol (i.e. the job they were elected to do). Republicans’ list of demands: kill the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020), kill the bill to clean up dirty diesel (HB 2007), and kill the bill to ensure guns are safely stored in homes.

Eleven Republican Senators are hiding out, trying to use extortion to get their way at an extreme cost to Oregon’s children, our air, our safety, and our future. We absolutely can NOT let this become the Oregon way. Can you take a minute to send two messages, one telling the Senate Republicans to stop hiding, and one thanking the Senate Democrats for standing strong? Oregonians won’t cave to threats or betray our values, and we show up when it matters. We expect the same of our elected officials.

There are eighteen Oregon Senate Democrats showing up to work, one Republican Senator, and all sixty State Representatives. Let’s make sure they know the health of Oregon’s people, places, and our future continue to be worth working for, worth showing up for. While Senate Republicans run away from their responsibilities, we take ours seriously.

With two simple messages, you can tell all the Runaway Republicans to come out of hiding, and let the Senate Democrats know you are with them stranding strong! 

The stakes are high for Oregon’s future: The bill to clean up dirty diesel engines would improve air quality by helping transition commercial diesel truck fleets to cleaner, more efficient engines, and the Clean Energy Jobs bill would put a limit and price on climate pollution from the largest polluters in the state. The money raised would be invested in green job creation, renewable energy initiatives, and more. Both these bills are so close to passing. We can’t afford to wait any longer for our air and our climate. And we can’t afford to let Republicans kill them! It just takes a minute to write to Oregon’s Senators, and could make all the difference in the well-being of Oregonians today and tomorrow.