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In Event by OLCVstaff

As the Oregon Conservation Network (OCN) Director, I’ll be in Salem almost every day throughout the 2019 legislative session, lobbying legislators to pass pro-environment initiatives like the Clean Energy Jobs bill, and to reject negative bills that threaten Oregon’s people and places. But I can’t do it alone — I need your help! Can you join me for one of OLCV’s 2019 lobby days?

Lobby day gives you the chance to meet with your legislators and make a lasting impact on them; it gives you the chance to tell your story, and to urge them to make the environment a priority during the legislative session.

Will you join us for lobby day on whichever date works best for you?

Clean Energy Jobs Lobby Day
Focusing only on this climate bill
Date: Wednesday, February 6th
Time: 9am to 5pm
Place: Salem, OR
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OCN/OLCV Lobby Day
Focusing on all OCN priorities,
including Clean Energy Jobs
Date: Thursday, March 21st
Time: 9am to 5pm
Place: Salem, OR
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Both lobby days will follow a similar schedule. We’ll meet up in Salem for coffee, bagels, and a quick briefing on how to talk to your legislators. Then, after lunch, we’ll rally, and march, inspired, into the capital. Once there, we’ll break up into groups, and you’ll have the chance to talk to your legislators about the environmental issues you care about most — protecting wildlife, acting on climate, and keeping Oregon’s air and water clean.

Your voice can make a difference. RSVP today for the lobby day that works best for you!

Meeting with the people who represent you, especially in person, lets you connect with them on a human level. And, throughout the day, it’s fun to connect with other people who hold your same values; people who care about the environment as much as you do. Lobby day is a time to come together as a community. It’s a time to stand up for what we believe in. And, above all, it’s a time to make our voices heard.