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Check Out OLCV’s 2012 Endorsements

In Endorsements by April Christenson

OLCV works hard every election year to determine which candidates earn OLCV’s endorsement.

We have been hard at work for weeks now, contacting and meeting with many of the candidates whose names will appear on your ballot. They filled out questionnaires, our local volunteers have interviewed them, and now we can tell you who has (so far) earned OLCV’s endorsement in 2012.

We recently announced our first round of endorsements. Check them out.

Don’t forget to keep checking back if you don’t see a race that you are interested in. We will be adding to this list over the next few weeks, as we are still making our decisions in a few races.

Help protect Oregon’s natural legacy and safeguard our families’ health by electing pro-conservation champions.

Pledge to help pro-environment candidates win in May and sign up for at least one volunteer shift between now and May 15 (Election Day).