Oregon Coast on sunny day.

Bottle Bill Modernization Passes the House on a Strong Bipartisan Vote!

In Legislative Session by April Christenson

Jon Isaacs OLCV Executive Director, made the following statement on the Oregon House of Representatives voting 47-12 to pass HB 3145, which modernizes and updates Oregon’s landmark Bottle Bill:

“In 1971 a bipartisan coalition of Oregonians first responded to a growing litter problem on our public beaches and across our state by passing one of our state’s landmark environmental protections: the Bottle Bill. I’m proud that today the Oregon House has continued this strong bipartisan tradition by passing HB 3145 to update the backbone of our state’s conservation legacy.

“Modernizing the Bottle Bill by passing HB 3145 is a critical priority for the OLCV and our environmental community. Adding beverage containers like sports drinks and teas to the Bottle Bill will bring this historic legislation in line with modern realities, will reduce confusion among consumers, and will increase recycling rates of containers that would otherwise end up in a landfill or as litter.

“I look forward to the members of the state Senate taking swift action on HB 3145 and sending the bill to Governor Kitzhaber’s desk for his signature.”