Reach Codes is now the REBuilding Task Force

In Climate Change, Legislative Session by OLCVstaff

Big news: the Reach Codes bill has been updated! It’s now the Resilient, Efficient Buildings Task Force bill (aka the REBuilding Task Force bill), and it has a new focus for the 2023 legislative session. If passed, this bill will create a new task force whose job is to develop decarbonization policy for buildings and homes! SB 1518 is essentially a promise for bold, comprehensive building-based climate action in 2023. Please tell your lawmakers to pass SB 1518!

Buildings are Oregon’s second largest source of climate pollution. The REBuilding Task Force will help make sure our buildings run on clean energy and are more energy efficient. We’re disappointed that the Reach Code bill won’t be moving forward as planned, but we’re looking forward to what we can accomplish next year. In the end, the REBuilding Task Force could be even more powerful than Reach Codes!

Buildings powered by fossil fuels not only lead to climate pollution–they also lead to higher energy bills, and unhealthy indoor air. And the effects of climate change impact all of us with higher temperatures, wildfire, drought, and more.

Tell your lawmakers to invest in energy efficient, clean, healthy buildings, and pass SB 1518. It just passed the Senate and is going to a House vote soon, so take action today and help get it passed!

Thank you,

Doug Moore
Executive Director, OLCV