Quick Signature Needed: Tell Congress to support the 100% Clean Energy Economy Act

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Exciting news! A group of U.S. Representatives—including Oregon’s own Congressman Earl Blumenauer—have announced a bold new climate bill called the 100% Clean Energy Economy Act. This bill would help our country take a critical step toward climate action by transitioning us to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Want to help get this bill passed? Send a quick message urging Congress to support the 100% Clean Energy Economy Act!

As more and more people are waking up to the impacts of the climate crisis, as more young people are empowered to speak out, and as more elected officials listen and recognize it’s time to act, one thing is very clear: momentum is building. Climate action is spreading. Let’s help keep it going!

From cities to counties, and from states to Congress, people like you are demanding action. This is what a movement looks like. In Oregon, we will keep fighting for the Clean Energy Jobs bill; and will continue moving forward on 100% Clean Energy ballot measures if our state legislators fail us once again in 2020. And right now, with your help, we will make sure Congress knows Oregonians want the 100% Clean Energy Economy Act.

Please join us as we team up with our partners across the country in the Conservation Voters Movement to flood Congressional inboxes and show them just how important it is to invest in a clean energy economy today.

Solving the climate crisis depends on transitioning our economy to clean energy. Tell your representative to support the 100% Clean Energy Economy Act as an original cosponsor.

Passing this bill will also help improve public health for communities most impacted by pollution and climate change, ensure fossil fuel workers are trained for family-sustaining clean energy jobs, and reduce the harmful carbon pollution that is fueling extreme weather events across the country.

Will you join a movement of dedicated advocates who are committed to advancing a just economic transition to clean energy for all and send a message to your member of Congress?