Protect the Elliott State Forest

In Forests by OLCVstaff

Once destined for logging trucks and timber mills, the Elliott State Forest—Oregon’s first state forest—is still standing today thanks to the passionate voices of Oregonians like you. But our work isn’t over. The Elliott is still under threat right now, and we need your help to make sure it stays protected for generations to come.

Oregon’s Secretary of State, Bev Clarno, recently suggested leasing out the Elliott, opening the door for clearcutting. Selling any part of the Elliott is illegal, but leasing it may be the loophole that Secretary Clarno and the timber industry—who have given her over $36,000 in campaign contributions throughout her career—are looking for.

But we won’t let the Elliott be fragmented and clearcut. Oregonians saved the Elliott once before, and we won’t stop now. Will you stand up for the Elliott by sending a message to Secretary of State Clarno, Governor Brown, and Treasurer Read as they discuss the Elliott’s fate at tomorrow’s State Land Board Meeting?

To protect this invaluable place, the plan moving forward for the Elliott to become an Oregon State University College of Forestry (OSUCF) research forest must have strong conservation standards. It must protect the old-growth trees that take centuries to develop, and which mitigate against climate change by storing carbon. Because when 100+ year old trees are gone, they never come back in the same way. The plan should prioritize conserving habitat for  imperiled wildlife like elk, marten, and marbled murrelets, and protecting the cool, shaded streams that help salmon flourish. Most of all, any next steps must hold to the promise that the Elliott belongs to us all—it’s public land that should be kept in public hands.

Make your voice heard as the Land Board considers next steps for the Elliott State Forest. If we lose or destroy the Elliott, future generations will remember. But, together, we can make sure that decision makers are held accountable for keeping this priceless old-growth vibrant, whole, and safe from logging. We can uphold our values as Oregonians. Please send a message today!