Protect Oregon’s Vote-By-Mail System!

In Election by OLCVstaff

The general election is coming up fast, and, as you’ve likely seen in the news, Trump is threatening our vote-by-mail system. Will you join us in fighting for our democracy, and protecting vote-by-mail? Ask your lawmakers to pass a bill that would extend the deadline for mail-in ballots!

For decades now, Oregon has been a leader in voter access, pioneering a universal vote-by-mail system over 20 years ago. Ever since, Oregonians have had an easy way to turn in their ballots without leaving home. Now, during the pandemic, it’s clear that vote-by-mail is not only an excellent idea, but an essential tool for a safe and secure election. Voting from home gives everyone a chance to cast their ballot without risking their health or the health of others. And now with paid postage, your ballot can be mailed back free of charge! As it should be.

But, as you may have seen in the news, the Trump administration seems intent on suppressing voters. Recent changes to the Postal Service have already caused delays, reduced service, and created a sense of uncertainty about the future of the USPS and vote-by-mail.

We need to make sure that, despite any slow-downs at the post office, our votes will be counted on time. That’s why we’re calling on Oregon’s lawmakers to extend the deadline for vote-by-mail ballots, and allow ballots to be postmarked by election day, rather than only counting those received by election day. Will you join us? Send an email to your state senator and state representative here!

At least nineteen other states–including our neighbors up in Washington–have already been doing this for years. It’s easy, it makes voting even more accessible, and it works. With everything else to worry about, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about how many days it will take for your ballot to reach the elections office? If you didn’t have to wonder whether five days is enough, a week, even longer? And, as a late voter, it means I can feel confident that as long as my ballot gets to a post office to be postmarked by election day, it will be counted.

This is going to be a big election, and we need to make sure everyone’s voice is heard! Please join us in protecting Oregon’s vote-by-mail system: send an email to your lawmakers today.