Press Release: Governor Kate Brown Calls Special Session with No Action on Climate

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Contact: Doug Moore, OLCV Executive Director
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Two Months since Claiming She Would Use All the Tools in the Toolbox, Oregonians are Still Waiting for Climate Action

Portland, OR – Today, Governor Kate Brown announced a special session for one bill,
Senate Bill 1013, but has yet to call for any action on climate. It’s been two months
since House Bill 2020 – Clean Energy Jobs – was sacrificed to get Senate Republicans
to return to work for the final days of the 2019 Legislative Session. It’s also been two
months since Brown strongly reaffirmed her commitment to lead on climate and to act
as soon as possible, saying, “Let me be very clear, I am not backing down” and
“…doing nothing to reduce emissions is not an option.”

OLCV Executive Director Doug Moore responded, “No action on climate, but a special
session for another bill? That’s not using every tool in the toolbox. That’s giving lip
service to protecting our climate and our kids’ future, without doing what’s really
necessary – action.”

July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth, and yet Oregonians are still waiting
and wondering when Brown will lead on climate. Another devastating fire season is
upon us, and Oregonians are still worrying smoke season will become our new normal.
Our state is falling behind other states in addressing climate change, and Oregonians
are wondering why their elected leaders are not stepping up. Oregonians, especially
younger Oregonians, overwhelmingly support acting on climate now, and yet corporate
polluters are still calling the shots in Oregon.

“You can’t change the future without acting today, and every day without climate action
is going to make it even harder on our kids,” said Moore. He continued, “We are asking
for Governor Brown’s leadership to get this done, which is not nearly as difficult as what
we will ask our children to face if we do nothing.”