OLCV was founded in 1972. In the beginning, our work focused primarily on elections. Over the years, that changed to include the other functions our organization serves today — including voter education, lobbying, and more.


The OLCV Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature was first established in 1975. Click here to see OLCV’s 2021 Scorecard and click here to learn more about the Scorecard.

 OLCV’s Annual Dinner

Our Annual Celebration for the Environment was launched in 1998 and has grown a lot over the years. Today we are joined by nearly 500 supporters, including legislators, environmentalists, and our members from around the state.

Oregon Conservation Network

In 1995, the Oregon Conservation Network (also known as OCN) was a loose affiliation of groups who formed to play defense against a slew of legislative proposals to roll back environmental safeguards. In 1996, OLCV took a leadership role in the network. For more information about the Oregon Conservation Network, click here.