Oregon’s Birthday Wish? Climate Action!

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Today isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also Oregon’s birthday. 161 years ago today, Oregon officially became a state! For another 161 years, we need to not just wish for climate action but urge our lawmakers to make it happen! Now is the time.

Just last night, we received a much-needed birthday present when our climate bill – Senate Bill 1530 – passed out of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources! This is a huge step in the right direction, and it can’t come soon enough.

Now, we are just days away from the bill getting a vote from the full Senate – that’s if the Senate Republicans don’t flee the state, abandoning their jobs for the third time. Ask your State Senator to vote yes on SB 1530 or if not, ask them to at least stay and do their job!

All around us, the momentum for a clean energy revolution is building. Oregonians far and wide are coming together to demand climate action. On Tuesday, over 1,000 people marched at the Capitol for Oregon’s Climate Emergency Rally, and thousands more have attended public hearings, submitted written testimony, signed petitions, and published op-eds in support of a strong climate bill.

2020 must be the year we act on climate. We know climate change is already impacting our communities, and the impacts will only get worse for future generations. When you know better, you must do better. Inaction is unacceptable. Running away is dangerous. 

It’s simple: we show up to work; our lawmakers should too.

That’s why we need your help! In less than a minute, you can send an email to your senator, customized based on whether your senator is ready to vote on climate action or at risk of running away from their job again! Wishing without action is not enough. We need action.

What will Oregon look like, 161 years from now? Or even 10 years from now? That’s for us to decide. We hope you take action today! Together, we can guide Oregon toward a resilient future, and protect Oregon’s people and places for generations to come.