OLCV’s 2020 Primary Endorsements

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I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Did you know that while staying home and saving lives you can also check out OLCV’s list of endorsed candidates for the upcoming May Primary Election? You can – they are all here!

Before you check out the full list, I want to tell you about one of our endorsed candidates real quick. OLCV is thrilled to endorse State Senator Shemia Fagan for Secretary of State! 

Shemia has an OLCV Lifetime score of 91% (2019 score is 94%). When big polluters tried over and over again to use their money and influence to kill climate action in Salem, Shemia never gave up or gave in. She knows that protecting our environment and protecting our democracy go hand-in-hand.

As Secretary of State, she will continue to advocate for the people of Oregon, ensuring integrity in our elections and a strong democracy where the voice of every voter matters more than the campaign checks from corporate polluters. And as one of three members on the State Land Board, Shemia will keep public lands – like our Elliott State Forest – in public hands.

Want to hear more about Shemia? Check out this video to hear more directly from Shemia. And then like and share the video so all your friends and family also stuck at home can check it out too!

It’s a critical time for our planet and our democracy, and OLCV is all in for Shemia because she will continue fighting for both. Join us in supporting her by signing up to volunteer from your home!

A quick note on voting (one of my favorite things): in this time of covid-19 and staying home to save lives, I have never been more grateful for Oregon’s forethought in conducting all our elections through vote-by-mail. I’m so proud to live in a state that protects voters and makes sure that everyone can make their voice heard.

Your ballot will be arriving to your mailbox in just a few weeks. Need to update your voter registration? Do that today online here! In the meantime, we could really use your help – of course, all from the safety and comfort of your home. Can you join us in making calls or texts to get the word out about Shemia and other OLCV-endorsed candidates with close races in your area? Sign up here to be a stay-at-home volunteer with OLCV!

From my home to yours, together, we will crush covid-19 and elect environmental and climate champions!

Thanks for being a stay-at-home environmental voter!