OLCV Congratulates Governor Kate Brown & Celebrates Big Wins for Oregon’s Environment

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Contact: Doug Moore, OLCV Executive Director
(503) 224-4011; dmoore@olcv.org

OLCV Congratulates Governor Kate Brown & Celebrates Big Wins for Oregon’s Environment
OLCV PAC’s largest-ever investment leads to big wins for environmental and climate champions up and down the ballot

Portland, OR – The Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) congratulations Governor Kate Brown on winning re-election. Over a year ago, OLCV’s first endorsement for the midterm election was Brown. It was clear from the start that Brown – OLCV’s reigning Environmental Champion of the Year – was the only candidate for governor with a record of upholding Oregonians’ strong environmental values, fighting for cleaner air and water, protecting public lands, and tackling climate change.

With the values and future of our state on the line, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters PAC (OLCV PAC) raised and spent more than $750,000 to re-elect Governor Kate Brown, the biggest-ever investment in OLCV PAC’s more than 45-year history.

In this election, Oregonians overwhelmingly chose Brown and her vision for Oregon as a state leading the fight against climate change by passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill to transition us toward a cleaner energy economy. They voted for Brown and her commitment to healthy communities — dependent on a healthy environment — so Oregonians can thrive now and into the future. And voters trusted Brown’s strong record as a champion for Oregon – the people, the places they love, and the unique way of life they cherish.

“Governor Kate Brown is Oregon’s greatest environmental governor in a generation, and the future for our state is incredibly bright with her re-election to four more years,” said OLCV Executive Director Doug Moore. “With Brown’s continued leadership, Oregon will take a bigger lead on climate change at a time when states are more important than ever in paving the way toward the clean energy future,” Moore continued.

In total, OLCV PAC spent over $1 million in Oregon races this cycle to support OLCV-endorsed candidates running for office from governor to state senate and house to Washington County chair to Metro Council to Bend City Council and more. This record-breaking investment by OLCV PAC, along with the incredible work by partners and allies, helped elect incredible new environmental and climate champions to the state legislature including:
  • Jeff Golden, state senator-elect, District 3 (Southern Oregon)
  • Tiffiny Mitchell, state representative-elect, District 32 (North Coast)
  • Rachel Prusak, state representative-elect, District 37 (West Linn, Tualatin)
  • Anna Williams, state representative-elect, District 52 (Hood River, Sandy)

“In this midterm election, Oregonians voted overwhelmingly, up and down the ballot and across the state, for candidates who value and will protect our environment,” said Moore.