OLCV Book Club’s Next Book!

In Book Club by OLCVstaff

Wow, things have been busy here at OLCV! With the election coming up, we’ve been so focused on helping elect climate champions that I’m only just now getting back to you about the OLCV Book Club!

A few weeks ago (or, um, maybe a month ago), I asked you to vote on our next book. And, at long last, I’m happy to announce that the winner is…Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver! 

Flight Behavior is a novel about a woman in Appalachia who discovers a strange migration of butterflies in her backyard, and learns how this sign of a changing climate will affect her life and her rural community. Barbara Kingsolver is a renowned literary fiction writer known for tying environmental themes into much of her work.

As an environmental fiction writer myself, I’m a big fan of Barbara Kingsolver’s novels, including Animal Dreams and The Poisonwood Bible. I’ve been wanting to read Flight Behavior for a long time, and it sounds like a lot of you have, too! RSVP today to discuss the book at the next OLCV Book Club!

OLCV Book Club: Flight Behavior
Date: Tuesday, December 8th
Time: 6pm to 7pm
What: Meet with us over Zoom to discuss the book and make new friends!

RSVP here to receive updates and the Zoom link! 

Whether or not you’ve joined us for our past two book club meetings (for The Overstory and Saving Big Creek), I hope you’ll join us this time around! Everyone is welcome. It will be especially nice to (virtually) gather together around the holidays when the weather is cloudy and drizzly. Please make sure to RSVP today so I can put you on the list for updates!

I’m going to be ordering the book next week so I can get started reading. I can’t wait to discuss it with all of you!