News Release: Statement from OLCV’s Doug Moore on end of session due to Republicans’ walkouts

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OLCV Contact: Doug Moore, OLCV Executive Director
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The following is a statement from OLCV Executive Director Doug Moore regarding the end of session due to Republicans’ walkouts.

“Today the Governor, the Senate President, the Speaker of the House, and the Democratic members of the Senate and House showed all Oregonians what true leadership looks like. In the face of the Republicans’ desertion of their jobs and abdication of their duties as legislators, we can take heart that they will not get the last word. The Democratic leaders of this state, along with the people of this state, are sick and tired of the Republicans shutting down our government. Today, we saw strength from our leaders. What they said is that the Republican Senators and Representatives will not stop climate action in 2020. The Democrats are continuing to stand strong for Oregon. They have the backs of Oregonians and we have their backs as well.”