Announcing the Nature Nearby Photo Contest Winners!

In Photo Contest by OLCVstaff

As this difficult week comes to an end, I wanted to send you something to help cheer you up—the winners of the OLCV Nature Nearby Photo Contest!

Since early last week, most of us have been staying inside to avoid the intense wildfire smoke. Yesterday’s rain helped a little, but it’ll be a while before things are back to normal—especially for those who evacuated or lost their homes.

But things are beginning to look brighter. And it shouldn’t be long now before we can at the very least get back outside. I find so much comfort and solace in nature, and I know that many of you do, too. Just looking at all the amazing photos you submitted to Nature Nearby really cheered me up when I was stuck in my apartment. I hope they’ll cheer you up, too, and serve as a reminder that we’ll be back outside soon!

Last Friday, we announced the winner of the Nature Nearby Photo Contest at our Annual Celebration pre-show. In case you missed it, the grand-prize winner is…Eileen Stark! Eileen captured a beautiful moment between a mama and baby bird, allowing us to zoom in and experience nature at its most quiet and intimate. What a difficult shot, and what gorgeous detail! Congrats, Eileen!

Congratulations to our grand-prize winner, Eileen Stark!

And now: the finalists! We received over 200 amazing photos from OLCV members around the state. After a vote from the OLCV staff, these four stood out from the rest:

Second Place
Matte Hanna
“Supermoon Seals”

Third Place
Judith & Paul Fardig
“Western Screech Owl”

Fourth Place
Michael Karstadt
“Love Is”
(Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden)

Fifth Place
Cassandra Portner
“Sunset at Timothy Lake”
Timothy Lake)

All of our finalists will receive frameable keepsake postcards featuring all of the winning photos. And, as the grand-prize winner, Eileen will receive an additional gift as well!

Congratulations, and thank you so much to everyone who entered! I hope these photos cheer you up at least a little bit. It won’t be long before we’re  back outside enjoying all the beauty of nature nearby.