National climate action is on the line!

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

At first glance the sky just seems overcast, but then the weak, red sun gives it away–that dim wildfire glow that’s all too familiar after last summer. We’ve only had a few days of mild smoke here in the Portland area. Meanwhile, folks in southern Oregon have been dealing with smoky, rusted skies and evacuations all summer as a consequence of the Bootleg Fire–one of the largest in Oregon’s history. Unless we take urgent action, the next generation–including my son–will be inheriting a world where extreme wildfires and drought are even more common than this.

But here’s the good news: we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity for climate action at the national level. And right now, the U.S. Senate is getting ready to vote on step one–the bipartisan infrastructure proposal–which would make badly needed investments in our aging infrastructure including some of what’s needed to build back better with climate justice centered. There’s also an additional $3.5 trillion package on the table, which is an absolute must in order to fully invest in clean energy, justice, and jobs. Send an email to your U.S. Senators and Representative, and encourage them to stand up for climate action!

As we transition to 100% clean energy, the U.S. could get millions of people back to work, and prioritize solutions led by the communities most affected by climate change. We need the whole country on board if we want to stop the worst effects of climate change from taking place. Oregon is doing its part after passing the 100% Oregon Clean Energy for All Act, and now it’s the federal government’s turn. Please send a message to your U.S. Senators and Representative today! This is the kind of nationwide action we need to truly have a chance at a future where the next generation can not only survive, but a just, equitable future where they can thrive.