You may have heard or read recent news stories about some developments in the race for House District 54 (Bend) and a candidate that we have endorsed, Nathan Boddie. Here is our response to those developments.

The OLCV PAC Board has started the process of withdrawing our support for Dr. Boddie in HD 54 based on allegations of inappropriate behavior and comments by Dr. Boddie. Walking away from your number one priority campaign – as well as someone who has been a strong environmental champion – is incredibly hard. But in this situation it is the right thing to do. The reports of Dr. Boddie’s behavior (referenced in this letter from FuturePAC) are serious, credible, and unacceptable. Our endorsement is a statement of our values, and that a candidate who has earned that endorsement best represents our values, environmental and otherwise. That’s not something OLCV can now say with regard to Dr. Boddie.

Read the letter here.