Land Use & Transportation

OCN supports Oregon’s statewide land use planning program in which state standards are set with local implementation. Land use planning is about where people live, work, play, learn, shop, and how they get there. Land use planning also includes the need to protect water resources, wildlife habitat, and Oregon’s wild and scenic treasures. We support compact urban planning that saves money by using public facilities efficiently while saving our important farm and forest industries and open spaces. The land use program is one of the most important tools used to meet the goals of the state’s five long-term budget planning areas: Education, Jobs and Innovation, Healthy People, Safety and Healthy Environment. The linkages among transportation, climate change, human health, water, and land use need to be strengthened.  Additionally, we must ensure that all communities are included in both the development and implementation of policies, especially those communities that have been traditionally marginalized or underserved.