Join us for Earth Week of Action!

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Earth Day is next week, and we’re celebrating with a week of action! The theme? Electing climate champions. With the primary election just weeks away, there’s no better time to get involved and help get climate candidates elected.

OLCV’s Earth Week will be full of fun ways to make a difference, from writing LTE’s to phone banking to canvassing. See below for the schedule! You can sign up for as many events as you want using our online form.

Monday 4/18 

  • Mad Hatter’s Letter to the Editor Tea Party – 6pm to 7pm on Zoom
    Join us as we spill some political ‘tea’ over our favorite cup of tea, and draft Letters to the Editor to help elect pro-climate candidates.

Tuesday 4/19 

  • Virtual Phone Bank for Jackie Leung (HD 19) – 4pm to 7pm on Zoom
  • Virtual Phone Bank for Tina Kotek for Oregon Governor – 5:30pm to 8pm on Zoom

Wednesday 4/20

  • Virtual Phone Bank for RJ Navarro (HD 21) – 5pm to 7pm on Zoom
  • Virtual Phone Bank for WLnsvey Campos (SD 18) – 5:30pm to 8pm on Zoom

Thursday 4/21

  • Virtual Phone Bank for Aaron Woods (SD 13) – 6pm to 9pm on Zoom
  • Canvass for Mark Gamba (HD 41) – 5pm to 7:30pm in SE Portland

Friday 4/22

  • Earth Day Social Media Day of Action
    Use OLCV’s toolkit and join us in posting why you’re voting for climate champions this May.

Saturday 4/23

  • Joint Canvass for Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County Chair and Lynn Peterson for Metro President – 11am to 1:30pm in NE Portland
  • Canvass for Tina Kotek for Oregon Governor – 2pm to 5:30pm in N. Portland
  • Climate House Party for Mark Gamba (HD 41) – 4:30pm to 6:30pm in NE Portland

Sunday 4/24

  • Canvass for Farrah Chaichi (HD 35) – 11am to 1pm in Beaverton
  • Canvass for Catherine Thomasson (HD 41) – 11am to 2pm in NE Portland

Sign up for Earth Week here!

One of the biggest ways we can make a difference this year is by electing climate champions–people who are going to get things done for our air, our water, and our climate. Who we elect makes a difference in our future. Please join us for our Earth Week of Action!

See you on the campaign trail,
Britney VanCitters
Organizing Manager, OLCV