Join us for Climate Action Week!

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Our hearts are with everyone who has been affected by the wildfires—those who have lost homes, communities, and family members. We know it can be hard to think about the future right now, especially when we know these fires are a symptom of something bigger: the climate crisis. But we have the power to make a difference. There’s still time to act on climate, and prevent disasters like this from becoming the new normal.

One of the biggest ways we can take action is by electing climate champions in the November election. Just earlier this year, Oregon’s lawmakers had the chance to pass wildfire and climate legislation, but Republican lawmakers refused to show up for work, and prevented these bills from passing. Oregonians deserve better. We need people in office who will not only show up for work, but who will actively support a future that protects Oregon’s people and places. And this election is our chance to make that happen.

The countdown has begun, and there are only 48 days to go until election day. Time is running out for us to take action and make sure that we elect climate champions in 2020!

That’s why we’re kicking things off with Climate Action Week. Help get climate candidates elected by participating in a week of climate-themed phone banks, text banks, and social media actions! Sign up here for Climate Action Week!

Climate Action Week — October 5th to October 11th

  • Mon 10/5: Climate Action Week kickoff day!
  • Tue 10/6: Phone Bank: Eileen Kiely for Senate District 27
  • Wed 10/7: Phone Bank: Courtney Neron for House District 26
  • Thu 10/8: 
    • Phone Bank Option 1: Phil Chang for Deschutes County Commissioner
    • Phone Bank Option 2: Nafisa Fai for Washington County Commissioner
    • Phone Bank Option 3: Joel Iboa for Lane County Commissioner
  • Sat 10/10: 
    • Phone Bank Option 1: Deb Patterson for Senate District 10
    • Phone Bank Option 2: Anna Williams for House District 52
  • Sun 10/11: 
    • Phone Bank Option 1: Paul Evans for House District 20
    • Phone Bank Option 2: Debbie Boothe-Schmidt for House District 32
    • Phone Bank Option 3: Jason Kropf for House District 54

We can’t forget that Republican lawmakers walked out not once but twice to prevent Oregon from passing climate action. The best way to hold them accountable? At the ballot box! Sign up today for Climate Action Week and help get Republican climate deniers out of office! 

We’re going to do everything we can to help elect climate champions at the senate, house, and local level, and vote anti-climate Republicans out of office. We hope you’ll join us by signing up for one, two, or more phone banking shifts. Sign up for Climate Action Week today!

We may not be able to get out there and knock on doors in person, but we can show up in a big way by taking our activism online. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to get more involved by becoming a digital volunteer throughout election season. And don’t forget to sign up for Climate Action Week today, so we can follow up soon with more details!

PS – If you and your family have been affected by the wildfires, here’s a list of resources that can help.