Jennifer Yocom

Jennifer Yocom signed up online to become a monthly donor to OLCV.|

Jennifer first learned about OLCV way back in 2005, when she worked for the Bus Project. The following year she ran Erik Sten’s successful campaign for Portland City Council, and learned firsthand the value of OLCV’s election work. She says: “With OLCV’s endorsement and the thousands of phone calls made by their volunteers, we won the election during the Primary.”

Her reason for becoming a monthly donor now? On a personal level, she says, “I really like the people who work and volunteer there.” But the true selling point is that “OLCV is darn effective. I’ve gone to the last few Annual Celebrations and made donations at events but realized it was time for me to do a little more.”

Monthly giving is a simple, affordable option that allows Jennifer to proudly support OLCV’s critical work throughout the year. “Every month my dollars mean action. Every month my dollars mean stewardship,” she says.

And her advice to those considering monthly giving? “It IS easy–I promise.”

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