Is Oregon investing money in fossil fuels?

In Climate Change, Legislative Session by OLCVstaff

Is the Oregon Treasury investing money in fossil fuels under the guidance of State Treasurer Tobias Read? We have the right to know. The Treasury Transparency bill (HB 4115) would make this information public, and help Oregonians hold our treasury accountable for working toward a better future.

The good news is that the Treasury Transparency bill just passed out of committee and is on its way to a House vote tomorrow. The bad news is that State Treasurer Tobias Read and his office have been stalling this bill and misrepresenting what it will do. Why hasn’t Treasurer Read and his office come out in support of this? Please send an email to your state senator and representative and Treasurer Read, and ask them to support HB 4115.

Oregonians should know where this $140 billion is being invested. The Treasury Transparency bill is part of a greater movement to divest Oregon and stop investing public funds in fossil fuels. The climate crisis is here, and we can’t afford to waste any more time.

Things are about to move fast, so it’s important to take action now. Please email your lawmakers and Treasurer Read, and ask them to support HB 4115. Oregonians deserve to know where their money is being invested and we deserve to know what our climate impact is. Please take action today!

Thank you,

Julia DeGraw
Coalition Director, OLCV