How to Participate in Welcoming Week

In Equity, Event by OLCVstaff

Did you know that next week is Welcoming Week? This nationwide event invites us to stand in solidarity with immigrant and refugee communities, and to make connections to build stronger and more inclusive communities.

As the daughter of an immigrant, I’ve heard many stories about how hard it was to come to a new country. My dad left El Salvador when he was in his 20’s to avoid the Salvadoran civil war. He barely knew English, and spent nights watching Mickey Mouse cartoons to help him practice. It’s hard to come to a new place, learn a new (and difficult) language, adapt to a new culture, and start a new life.

Today, more and more people are leaving El Salvador and other countries around the world due to climate change, violence, famine, and war. They come here looking for life, for safety, and for happiness. This year, it’s more important than ever to stand in solidarity with members of immigrant and refugee communities, and to let them know they’re welcome.

Want to participate? One way you can get involved is by phone banking at the Census Day of Action! By making sure that Oregon’s immigrant communities are fully counted on the Census, we can help create a powerful future that includes all of us.

Census Day of Action Phone Bank
Date: Saturday, September 12th, 2020
Time: 10:30AM to 12:00PM
Info: Remind friends, family, and community members to complete the Census through a fun phone banking activity! No prior experience with phone banking is needed.

Register here!

Hosted by some of Oregon’s amazing BIPOC leaders—including Carina Miller, OLCV-endorsed candidate for State Senator, District 30—and our friends at Oregon Futures Lab, the Census Day of Action is great way to get involved and show solidarity for Oregon’s immigrant communities, and to participate in Welcoming Week! Make sure to register in order to get the Zoom link.

We hope you’ll join if you can! To learn more about Welcoming Week, and other ways to get involved, click here.