How did you fall in love with Oregon?

In Wildlife & Wildlands by OLCVstaff

Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Francesca, the new Digital Coordinator here at OLCV.

Growing up, my backyard was a forest. On summer days I wandered among the cedar trees, listening to the sound the wind made through their branches, or I waded through the creek in search of salamanders. I loved everything about my backyard. The freshness of the air after a storm. The tart, pink salmonberries that ripened each spring. The call of the barred owl as he sang at dusk.

In college I got into hiking and backpacking, and my love for Oregon’s forests only grew—from the windblown Douglas-firs along Eagle Creek, to the craggy ponderosas near Sisters, to the moss-heavy yews by Florence.

What I loved most were the places where river and forest met. Dark green and rich blue. The reflection of leaves on water. I also loved to be out on the river, kayaking or stand-up-paddleboarding, or simply sitting on rocks by the Willamette, listening for the thin whistles of osprey.

But, as I learned while getting my Master’s degree in Environmental Humanities, deforestation, climate change, and fossil fuel development threaten Oregon’s forests and rivers. That’s why I’m grateful to be working here at OLCV—because I get to help protect the places I love while doing what I love!

Now that you’ve heard my story, I’d love to hear yours! We want to know—how did you first fall in love with Oregon? And what draws you to this great, green land? Is it the old-growth forests along the coast? Or perhaps the fresh, powdery snow on Mt. Hood? Maybe it’s windsurfing on the Columbia, or stargazing in the Wallowas.

Everyone has their own story to tell. And each story is another reason why we do what we do here at OLCV; our goal is to make your voice heard. Tell us why you love Oregon so that, together, we can help keep Oregon beautiful for many generations to come.