Here’s how you can help before election day tomorrow!

In Election by OLCVstaff

Tomorrow is the big day—election day! Here in Oregon, we’re seeing a historically high turnout of voters, with almost 2 million ballots already received. Is yours one of them? If you haven’t voted yet, this is your last chance: you have until 8pm tomorrow to turn your ballot in at a drop box. Find one near you here!

This election is especially exciting, because we have the chance to not only get several climate deniers out of office, but to replace them with climate champions who will stand up for Oregon’s people, protect our clean air and water, and fight to take action on climate change. Whether or not you’ve already voted, here’s how you can make a difference:

Still need to vote? Make a plan!
Step 1 – Check out OLCV’s endorsements and fill out your ballot—don’t forget to sign the back of the return envelope!
Step 2 – Find a ballot drop box near you.
Step 3 – Turn in your ballot before 8pm, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd! (It’s too late to vote by mail, so make sure you go to a drop box!)

Already voted? 
For those of you who have already voted (thank you!), we still need your help during the final push: can you forward this email to three friends/family members, and remind them to turn in their ballots by 8pm tomorrow, November 3rd? This is an easy—and effective!—way to get out the vote!

Together, we can help make sure that environmental champions are elected across the state. During this critical time for the climate and public health, we need people in office who are ready to take action now. This election is going to determine Oregon’s future, and your voice can make a big difference in getting climate champions elected. Please join us in getting out the vote before 8pm tomorrow!