Help the Healthy Kids & Farmworkers Act get over the finish line!

In Pesticides by OLCVstaff

Good news—Oregon is one step closer to phasing out chlorpyrifos! The Healthy Kids & Farmworkers Act (HB 4109) passed the House on Wednesday, and is on its way to the State Senate for a final vote. Ask your State Senator to vote yes on the bill when it comes to the floor next week!

Originally created as a chemical weapon in World War II, chlorpyrifos is now used on common crops like lettuce, strawberries, broccoli, and more. Chlorpyrifos is a potent neurotoxin, and it puts lives at risk. Farmworkers exposed to chlorpyrifos are at a higher risk for cancer, miscarriage, damaged motor skills, and other health issues.

Not only that, but Chlorpyrifos can drift up to a mile from where it’s sprayed, putting rural schools, small businesses, and homes at risk as well. Children in these communities tend to develop higher rates of ADHD, autism, cancer, and developmental issues. Help protect Oregon’s families—ask your State Senator to pass the Healthy Kids & Farmworkers Act!

Oregon’s farmworkers and families deserve better, which is why PCUN has led a remarkable coalition in support of this bill. Going to work should not put farmworkers’ lives in danger, or the lives of their families, who are exposed to the chlorpyrifos that clings to their clothes, skin, and hair, even when protective gear is used.

We know beyond any doubt that chlorpyrifos is dangerous to our health, and especially to our children. Phasing out this dangerous pesticide will save countless lives. This bill is so close to passing—help us get it over the finish line. Please ask your State Senator to vote yes on the Healthy Kids & Farmworkers Act when it goes to a vote next week!