Help Oregon stand up to Trump: protect our air and water

In Pollution by OLCVstaff

Once again, the Trump Administration is putting the interests of big polluters above the health of our communities. Is there any level he won’t sink to?

The week before last, President Trump announced that the U.S. EPA will stop enforcing clean air and clean water laws during the coronavirus pandemic. This is absurd: by going easy on big polluters, Trump is putting the country’s most vulnerable populations at risk. The COVID-19 pandemic is placing enormous stress on public health. Relaxed pollution laws will lead to dirtier air, making staying healthy far more difficult for those who are already struggling to breathe. Our communities need clean air now more than ever.

Thankfully, here in Oregon, Governor Brown had the foresight to champion and pass the Oregon Environmental Protection Act (HB 2250). Signed into law in 2019, the Oregon Environmental Protection Act holds our state to high clean air and water standards, even when protections are weakened at the federal level. Now’s the time to put this initiative into action.

OLCV is one of many local environmental organizations who recently signed on to a letter—written by our friends at Beyond Toxics—that encourages Governor Brown to make a statement and honor the Oregon Environmental Protection Act. Will you help by sending an email to Governor Brown, showing your support for upholding strong pollution laws here in Oregon?

This is Oregon’s chance to send a clear message to Washington D.C.—that our clean air and water are non-negotiable. Here in Oregon, we value the health and safety of our people over the profits of polluters. Do you have a few minutes to send an email to Governor Brown? 

Trump may be using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to help out big polluters, but Oregon is not giving in. Show your support for the Oregon Environmental Protection Act by sending Governor Brown an email!

Governor Brown has shown strong leadership in addressing the COVID-19 health crisis here in Oregon. She had the foresight to move quickly to protect Oregonians, putting plans in place to keep our communities as safe as possible. While Trump fails us again and again at the national level, putting corporate interests above real people, Governor Brown continues to stand up for Oregonians.

Air pollution can impair respiratory and immune health. Our most vulnerable populations—who are already disproportionately affected by air and water pollution—are also at higher risk of more severe impacts from COVID-19.

Will you help by sending an email to Governor Brown, giving your support and encouragement for her to hold Oregon to the strong standards set by the Oregon Environmental Protection Act? Toxin-free air, fresh, clear water, and a healthy environment are all human rights. It’s going to take all of us to protect Oregon’s people—our neighbors and friends, family and colleagues—during this difficult time. Please take action today!

P.S. – Our friends at SEIU have created a website to provide assistance with unemployment insurance, the supplemental nutrition assistance program (food stamps), the Oregon Health Plan/other health care coverage, employer related child care, housing services, and more. Check it out at